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BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse envisions bringing high-quality and exclusive Bizengyu (Wagyu) to all steak lovers out there at affordable prices that start from only S$20.50+. Exclusively only partnering with cattle farmers in Okayama prefecture, Japan, our Bizengyu is carefully-curated and delicately-processed by experienced butchers who are trained in Japan.

The entire process, albeit tedious, is ultimately worthwhile because we feel assured knowing our diners get to indulge in 20 different prime-cuts, butcher-cuts and adventure-cuts of A3 grade Wagyu beef that are prepared and served in techniques they are best suited for. Besides our steaks that are caramelised on high-intensity ceramic charcoal grills imported from the land of the rising sun, our menu also offers some all-time western favourites such as burgers, chops and wholesome fusion side dishes; all with a Japanese touch.

For our diners who enjoy having a gulp or two, a fine selection of wines, sake, shochu and beer are also available in our steakhouses! With prime locations on the island and value-for-money, authentic Japanese cuisine, you will embark on a gastronomic journey here like nowhere else.

BIZEN Sharing Platter
BIZEN Takeaway Bento

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ASTONS would like to thank each and every one of our loyal customers for being alongside our journey so far. We are extending our gratitude to you with our ASTONS app that is right in the pipeline, coming soon to you! Expect these exciting features in our app:

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22 Senoko Crescent, Singapore 758275
Tel: 6744 7732
Fax: 6748 2052

    BIZEN's Sharing platter is back! Feasting on a luxurious spread has never been easier with our $49.9 Wagyu and giant chicken Katsu Sharing platter.

    This bundle platter includes:
    premium knuckle beef straight from Japan, ridiculously crispy giant chicken katsu, 2 side dishes of your choice, 2 of our specialty Chawanmushi, a refreshing Asari no Sakamushi, and 2 green teas.

    This fantastic meal for 2 is:

    • Available at all BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse
    • Valid from Monday to Thursday (Excluding PH)

    BIZEN is bringing back our takeaway selections for your next lunch break at only $9.90! Choose from 5 specially curated premium Japanese bento boxes:

    1. Japanese Wagyu Shabu
    2.  Teriyaki Glazed Chicken
    3. Japanese Wagyu Curry
    4. Japanese Wagyu Stew
    5. Japanese Wagyu Bolognese

    Collect 3 or more bento box strips to redeem FREE SIDE DISHES and FREE CHICKEN DISH.

    • Available at all BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse
    • Valid from Monday to Friday (Excluding PH)

    Don't miss our $8.90 nett Amazing Value Weekdays Lunch Special!
    Our A3 Japanese Wagyu Beef is freshly flown in from Okayama!

    Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Burger $8.90 nett
    Burger Bun, Sweet Onion, Romaine Salad & French Fries

    Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Baguette $8.90 nett
    Mini Baguette, Truffles Dust,Romaine Salad & French Fries

    Wagyu Beef Quesadilla $8.90 nett
    Capsicum, Cheddar Cheese, Romaine Salad & French Fries

    Simply Add On $4.00 nett for Chawanmushi and Green Tea

    • Available at all BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse
    • Valid from Monday to Friday (Excluding PH)